Deepavali Celebration

Srimaan Trust - Celebrating Deepavali in a unique way with people across social strata

Srimaan Trust has always celebrated big cultural festivals with people across social strata especially reaching out to rural section of the society be it Navaratri or any festive occasion , Deepavali is yet another such festive occasion to celebrate with them.

All celebration organized by Srimaan Trust is unique and Deepavali is no exception to that. Trust takes this opportunity to celebrate Deepavali with poor families in villages, kainkaryaparas of Srirangam Temple, Acharya purushas, orphanage, homeless and roadside people, physically disabled individuals and families, mentally challenged people and kainkaryaparas of Srimaan Trust. 

Every beneficiary receives new dress, sweets and savoury. The new dresses purchased from various location across Tamilnadu like Coimbatore, Erode etc….and outside cities such as Surat. Around 2000 sarees, 350 dhotis, 200 pant and shirts, 1000 for children’s (boys and girls) procured and distributed to beneficiaries. When it comes to sweets and savuories preparation, Trust does this on its own with high quality and more quanity. Around 1000 kgs of savuories, 10,000 pieces of sweet prepared and distributed after offering to God. 

This process of celebration is not just a 1 day affair. The preparation starts 15 days prior to the Deepavali occasion. The volunteers from various town participate in procuring new dresses and transporting it to Srimaan Trust office. Paricharakas(cooks) start preparing sweets and savuories. Preparing huge quantity of sweets and savuories takes 3 to 4 days. Meanwhile, another set of volunteers in villages  finalize list of beneficiaries and share with Trust. A token is distributed to all beneficiaries so that there will be no chaos in the distribution process. 

Srimaan Trust does all this only to bring the smiles and joy in poor childrens and families. The joy of Srimaan Trust is immeasurable like that of mothers joy when she sees her child wear the new dress and enjoy the delicacy prepared by her. This service from Srimaan Trust brings make our Divine parents – emperumAn and thAyAr extremely happy as their childrens are happy and joyful.

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