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March 28, 2017


Senior gurukulam

Learning through Gurukulam

The term “Veda” means the collection of knowledge.  Moreover the Veda takes us to the eternal path. The Hinduism is built upon the pillars of the Vedas.  The four Vedas were not written by human beings but by the Supreme power.  It is the one to pave the way how a person has to follow the Sanadhana Dharma.

The yet another mile stone of the SrimaanTrust is that it enhances the knowledge of the students with regard to making them learn the Vedas for the Senior students.  

Hence, the Srimaan Trust plays a vital role in making the people learn the Vedas.  So the students those who have completed their schooling are induced to acquire knowledge of the Veda at free of cost in addition to that of  paying for their further studies along with free boarding and lodging.    

Thus, it is the bounded duty of everyone to join hands and grab the opportunity of gaining the eternal wealth of  the Veda.

In order to impart technical and professional education to youngsters, expert teachers from respective fields  provide the required skills to shape the young minds to fit into the growing demands of the workplace.

Any of the mainstream branches may be chosen by the student and the required training and skills are imparted.

Apart from this, the students are imparted with the ancient wisdom of the Vedas.

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