Food for the Flood Affected People

Annadhanam in Flood Affected Villages
Annadhanam in Flood Affected Villages

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On 11/11/2021, Srimaan Trust distributed food for people in flood affected villages. More than 1000 people were fed as part of the daily annadhanam program

Strengthening The Hands of Organic Farmers

( அன்னமிட்ட கரங்களுக்கு உதவிக் கரம்)

Srimaan Trust’s annadhAnam mission is a daily free food program which has several unique aspects that comes together to prepare and distribute free sattvic food in various forms to needy one’s.

One such unique aspect of this program is the usage of organic rice to prepare the food. Every day more than 200kg of organic rice is cooked and used to prepare varieties of rice and serve needy one’s in villages.

Srimaan Trust has adopted a model to procure organic rice directly from producers or farmers and avoid any middle-man intervention and hence benefitting from the better price from a consumer standpoint and also passing the price benefit directly to producers.

End of the day, Srimaan Trust annadhAnam program not only serves free food but also strengthens the hands of one of the key contributors of the annadhAnam ecosystem such as the farmers by passing on the price benefits and also supporting their day today life to run continuously.

Let us all thank farmers who are the seeds for annadhAnam by generously donating to the Srimaan Trust annadhAnam program.

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