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Srimaan Trust in its endeavour to provide “Education for All” is sponsoring education for children and youth coming from rural background and economically weaker section of the society.

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Joy and ecstasy for Saravanan from Devarayaneri village near Srirangam knew no bounds when he received certificate for completing pandey school of journalism in first class from Mr R.Rangaraj Pandey, chief mentor of PSJ and CEO chanakyaa, on 4th December 2021 . This was easily best moment in his life and was dream come true for him. During the convocation, it was meant to be a Q&A session but Saravanan used this opportunity to express his gratitude and hearfelt thanks to Srimaan Trust and swamy in particular for having confidence in him and sponsoring this course. He felt this was very special because for youngsters like him coming from a rural background and economically weaker section of society, such an opportunity is hard to come by and felt this was made possible only because of Srimaan Trust.

Srimaan Trust partnering with Pandey school of Journalism run by Mr R.Rangaraj Pandey offered sponsorship to 3 select deserving students from rural community to take Certificate In Journalism in PSJ last year(2020) and Saravanan was one among them who completed successfully. Srimaan Trust take this opportunity to thank donors who made this possible and would like to continue more such sponsorship programs in years to come to support rural youngsters coming from challenging background with the help and support from donors.

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