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Ranganatha came to Srirangam with the aim to quench the Bhakthi thirst of Goddess Cauvery. She in turn, is here to cleanse the external and the internal dirt of the person having a dip her waters. As per the Puranas, it is a sin to think of a river while having a dip in another. But the only exception is given to Cauvery.  SHIVA explains NARADA that a person must think of river Cauvery while bathing in any other river. Lord Ranganatha Himself explains to Vibheeshana that a person who bathes in Cauvery makes a clean sweep of the paapam of the next ten generation.

Rivers are important part of human lives. But unfortunately, only few are aware of its importance. The proof: tons of trash in our rivers and creeks, making it look and smell like a dumpsite.

The garbage in rivers is more than just an eyesore because it can possibly contaminate our drinking water and threaten nature, our lives, and that of our loved ones. Even a piece of litter thrown on the street may contribute to the piling garbage in our rivers and creeks.


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