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Protecting the values

Culture defines the way anyone behaves, thinks, and expresses emotions. Thus, the cumulative sum total our rich heritage, ancient customs, daily rituals, hymns and chants form the base that shapes our life and living. A cultured person is a refined individual who is the face of humankind. Our rich Indian culture with abundant practical advise and life- preserving scientific practises, is the oldest existing culture.  These cultural traditions need to be passed on to the next generation so that we become more aware of the real goals that need to be pursued in order to achieve lasting happiness.

Some of the activities towards propagation of our culture are: 

Gopuja, maatru puja, Acharya paaduka puja, etc. When young minds understand the significance of these, it would motivate them to practise with faith and dedication.


Srimaan Trust will be celebrating this year Navarthri ( From 6th October to 15th October 2021) with 200 villages in and around Srirangam. As part of celebration, Srimaan Trust will be procuring golu (dolls) and distribute them to villages, help them build steps and display the golu. Also everyday Mahalakshmi pooja will be performed and offerings like sundals or sweets will be made by villagers and given to children’s and small gift comprising of kumkum, manjal, beatle leaves will be given along with prasadam. During Navaratri days, pancha suktam,and sree suktam will be recited and sumangali poojai will be performed daily.

On the last day of event i.e. on  Vijayadashami Srimaan Trust kainkaryaparas will teach children’s in villages to mark Vidhyaarambaa. Similar Navarthri celebrations were held last year and about 100 villages were engaged. This year’s additional 100 has been planned. Organizing the golu event is physically and financially challenging one. All this is possible because 10 field kainkaryaparas working relentlessly for period of 15 days spending around 1200 hrs and also spending approximately around ₹5000 per village which includes golus, procurement of provisions, transportation etc.

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