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Education for village children

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Village Children Education


Of all the services undertaken by Srimaan Trust, Karpikkum Kainkaryam shines bright due to the lofty all-in one nature of the kainkaryam.

“Education is the key to success. Every child should have a caring adult in their lives”

Every week, the  students of  Srimaan Trust and staff of Acharyah school travel to the towns near Srirangam and impart knowledge  children. Acharyah School has  high standards, of texts designed by research scholars and educationists. The method of knowledge induction too is very innovative. The  goal of the Trust is to spread these high knowledge texts and methods to children of these towns.

Every week these  children from Pre Kg to secondary school are taught English (Phonetically), Math (Abacus) etc. including various techniques of self leaning with various easy to use tools.

Apart from the above  the children are taught spirituality from the treasure trove of our scriptures and Yoga with  its uses in daily life.

These children ambulate the streets reciting  the spiritual knowledge they’ve learned in the classes on days like Srijayanthi, Thiruvaadi Pooram etc.Variety of Prasadams are prepared, offered to the Supreme and distributed to the children.

The effect of Karpikkum Kainkaryam is beyond words. The children are learning the nuances of how to learn and study. Understanding the tools of learning has paved way for overall development of the children

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