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"Mandala" - Art Form For Mind Relaxation

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MANDALA art form is a traditional way of finding peace in the symmetry of the geometric design  and used for meditation, healing and art based mind therapy

Benefits of MANDALA Art

  • Bring relaxation to mind
  • Help with improving concentration
  • Gives peace and tranquility
  • Flow of creativity
  • Clinically studies shows it acts as  boost to immune system, reduce stress and promote sleep

Take a look at Mandala Art by Srimaan Bhattar Gurukulam Students – Click here

Srimaan Trust will provide the Mandala art books to registered members. The members can color the mandala art forms and send the book back to Srimaan Trust. Based on the creative colouring , interpretations will be provided by experts.

To register for Mandala art books and interpretation, click here – Mandala Registration Form

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